Coming Soon- Old Favourites & New Products from Jocko & Origin USA

We've been busy trying to get our hands on some old favourites, such as the Jocko themed tee shirts and hoodies, as well as a lot of new products. There have been delays in the US due to the high demand for certain products and then further delays at UK Customs.

Some of the products we hope to have available within the next 10 days are as follows:

  • Jocko Discipline GO- Sour Apple Sniper, 
  • Jocko Discipline GO- Jocko Pom'r (ice tea & lemonade)
  • Discipline Equals Freedom Flags
  • Warrior Kid Hoodies
  • Lots of designs of tee shirts
  • Origin Factory Jeans
  • Origin Gis (Comp DNA & Discipline Equals Freedom)
  • Origin Hoodies & Joggers