Important Origin USA Update: Raw materials costs lead to price rises :-(

Sadly, due to a rise in the cost of raw materials for the production of all of the Origin USA clothing, we have had to increase the prices of all Origin goods. Nevertheless, I can say with confidence that the quality of the Origin clothing is far superior to the competition. You really do get what you pay for with Origin. If you're sick of the potato-sack style of one-size-fits-none BJJ pants then I can guarantee you'll be delighted with the Origin Pro Pants that come with with a waist size of your choice and a leg length to suit you. The fast-drying Atomic Twill fabric is a cotton blend that helps wick away sweat and keep you performing at your best. How many times have you had to train with a damp gi because the heavy cotton jacket takes forever to dry? That doesn't happen with the Origin gis as they come out of your washing machine almost completely dry! 

In other news, there's a shipment of Jocko GO cans scheduled to arrive in the UK next week. If it arrives without a hitch then there will be a follow-up shipment leaving the USA very soon to keep us well-stocked and keep you fuelled with good, clean products. 

We are also changing to a more comprehensive customer management system so it should be easier for us to keep in touch with customers and make sure orders are being fulfilled as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Until next time, stay on the path.